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Chatbot for College Admission Process
Software development (K Praveen)

Business challenges:

Our client:    a medium sized college wanted to integrate an automated solution to its

Daily front desk service department    which process a large number of request of student at the time of admission


it?s worth nothing that the majority of query regarding when will admission started .subject ,classes ,fee details etc. therefore these  type of question front desk is super busy at that moment .therefore the college administration decide to develop a chatbot application that would answer typical questions and reduce both the working time and costs of front desk  executive. in order to provide the application with natural feel close to real support specialists the application has been crafted using machine learning techniques which have improved its communication skills.

Our solution:

The key feature of this chatbot is an API provided by aws lex  and its webhook. Thus, our bot can learn via the list of created data or go outside lex  to search for more information. The user graphic interface (GUI) is intuitive and comes in two versions: the first one is based on React Native for mobile, and the other one represents a web version built in React.js.


Backend part

Apart from integrating the APIs, our team has developed:

? the MVP of this project;
? the list of data to our APIs on lex;
? the webhook that allows our chatbot to look for information outside lex;


Front-end part

? developed iOS, Android and web applications;

Business benefits

The chatbot can be applied to a number of industries: travelling, healthcare, e-commerce, etc. Сustomers can get their answers in no time and find what they are looking for via the list of the chatbot?s data instead of waiting for the support specialist to do it. 




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