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About Us



Founded in 2014 as a B2B extension to our consumer line of web hosting services under our brand divinityindia Hosting since 2012, Techdivinity brings to you a whole host of completely managed Cloud solution for your business. Our services are powered by global leading cloud infrastructure providers Amazon, Microsoft & Google with state of the art Data Centres spread across 5 continents.

Our Aim is to help businesses quickly adapt & move to the cloud with amazingly cost effective structures based an operational expenditure models. Together with our support, several organizations have been able to drastically increase their pace of innovation with instantly available managed Infrastructure environments on the cloud. The organizations we work with are delighted that they are now able to utilize resources to concentrate on their core business and do what they do best while we manage their IT environments. IT has been simplified for our clientele.

We love working with our clients

  • Livmore
  • Goa Foundation
  • Areverie
  • Central Institute for Research on Cotton Technology
  • 6Hues
  • Stanley David and Associates
  • Fidelex Attorneys
  • Xtreme Fight Federation
  • Perception 16
  • Wooden Homes India
  • Core World
  • Timeline Events

Our Culture

We believe in 3 Things. Customer Service, Customer Service and Customer Service. We believe everything we do should and must reflect directly in our customer satisfaction which is why helping our customers achieve their goal is our Culture

At Techdivinity, quality trumps everything else, which is why most of our customers have stuck with our service for as long as we have been in business. Our dedicated focus to ensure our customers receive the highest levels of Quality from our Infrastructure, Support and Services is a commitment we shall maintain.


Tech Divinity cloud enable faster performance