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Implementation of e-procurement in the semi Government Organization
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Implementation of e-procurement in the semi Government  Organization

   A Case Study


Procurement is generally regarded as super sensitive function in the public or private sector and is rarely transparent. it is for reason that public procurement is one of the areas in governance that remains insulated against any process improvements. Organization is constantly in pressure to meet the expectations of the organization and associated branches with the less resources that are available to them


E-procurement implementation is an attractive quick-win solution for organizations, since it results in cost cutting, introduces different sourcing practices and delivers other quantifiable benefits.



The traditional system of tendering  in government and semi governments departments through manual modes suffered from various problems such as inordinate delays in tender / order processing ,heavy paper work, multi level scrutiny that consumes a lot of time

Our client had felt a need for wide ranging reforms in in the procurement process in order to achieve simplification of procedures.

The committee plan was effectively implement and sustain public sector reforms and bring new channels like auctions and reverse auctions online for greater efficiency.

System has been implemented on 2015 august that system design for end to end transaction between three main model 1.branches 2.HO 3. Vendors

Core Functionalities of e-procurement Marketplace


Extensive studies were conducted to document the procurement practices

  1. Electronic tendering
  2. Tender float as detailed perspective c
  3. Easy Vendor registration process
  4. By filling the registration process the vendor categorizes automatically as per respected tender wise
  5. Submission of tenders
  6. Receipt of tenders
  7. Opening of technical bids
  8. Opening of price bids of qualified tenderer
  9. Approval of tender
  10. Issue of purchase order
  11. Contractor management
  12. Item wise tender
  13. Self - service for vendors




Benefits of the e-Procurement initiative

Transparency In an e-procurement system the tender documents were hosted in the web site for downloading free of cost from the day of publication of tenders. This has eliminated bidders? dependence on department officials for issue of tender documents.




Reduced tender cycle time


 Automated work flows and simplification of processes have improved the internal efficiency of procurement departments and significantly reduced the tender lead time from 120?180 days in the conventional mode to 36 days in the e-procurement mode.


Cost Efficiency

Enetendering process can save valuable money of organization


Elimination of Contractors Cartels

The electronic tendering process has been made completely anonymous. Only after the opening of bids by the departments on the pre-specified date and time, does anyone come to know the names of the participating bidders. This is full proof system for any organization or bank.


The e-procurement project of public sector, which cuts across the geographical boundaries of the state, and traverse along multiple departments, has been implemented successfully. The implementation was instrumental in reducing cartel formations amongst contractors and suppliers since all the bidding is done online through the portal. It has actually increased the par-  285 Implementation of e-procurement participation from the supplier community since anybody can bid for a tender remotely through the internet.





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