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AI Chatbots for eCommerce
Chatbot (Santosh Shinde)

AI Chatbots for eCommerce

From product page to checkout. Give your customer the information they need to make that purchase. Instantly. 24/7.

Chatbots for eCommerce help you offer customers the best possible experience on your web store. Help them find the right purchase with product information search directly through an automated chatbot conversation. Upsell with relevant product recommendations. 

Tell your customers stock information and delivery estimates right from the home page, product page, cart or checkout. Integrate with your CRM solutions to automatically open tickets on customer queries and give them information about their order, from delivery status, to claims and refunds. 

All without needing to speak to a human representative. 


Integrate With Your Ticketing System

Leverage the power of your CRM and customer support service with powerful API integrations.

Automatically open tickets for questions the chatbot doesn't answer and speed up information gathering for customer issues.

Answer Order Queries Automatically

Give customers information on their order status, from delivery, to claims and returns. 

Accelerate order status retrieval for customers by providing an automated conversational approach to order information. Retrieve their order information from your database and give customers relevant, up-to-date information about their order.

Supply Product Information On-Demand

Help customers find what they're looking for. Faster.

Chatbots can help customer find their desired product, right from the chat window. Help them with their order by supplying complementary product recommendations, so they can get the best experience from their purchase. 


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