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Why Use Node.js?
React- js & node - js (Santosh Shinde)

Why Use Node.js?

Node.js is an open-source asynchronous event-driven JavaScript runtime environment, mainly used to build scalable applications. Node.js is also an ideal choice for building microservices solutions, event queues, WebSockets. It also makes a popular choice for back-end because of event-driven architecture, and it is free from dead-locking, which makes scalable applications.

Node.js offers amazing features as Node.js environment is convenient for serverside applications. Also, JS works flawlessly on Linux, Mac OS, and Windows with Node.js runtime environment.

Even more, Node.js enables faster code execution since it is built on the Google V8 JavaScript engine.

Also, giants like Netflix, LinkedIn, PayPal, Walmart, Microsoft, IBM and more are using Node.js for their application.

Why Use React.js?

React is front-end JavaScript library maintained by Facebook. To make interactive UI(User Interface), ReactJS requires fewer efforts compare to others. Since React will proficiently update and render the perfect components when your information changes if you designed a basic view for every state in your React application.

React can be easily used with a web server like Apache, NGINX or with the back-end like PHP, Rails and more.

React have the ReactDOM library that works fine with a browser’s DOM and at first, React was introduced for the web browsers.

React creates in-memory data structure cache, which compares the difference between the preceding version and then updates the browser’s DOM. These allow nominal change to the real DOM.

Yet, throughout the years, it has been evolved to cross-stage framework called React Native that is broadly utilized by iOS and Android engineers.

Why developers use an ideal combination of Node.js and React.js?

I would say big yes for you can use Node.js with ReactJS and the top 10 reasons:

  1. NPM (Node Package Management)

When you are talking about Node.js, it comes with the built-in support for NPM tool. Using NPM CLI tool, you can easily install any packages from the registry.

  1. Webpack

The Webpack in the Node.js makes it easier to bundle your React application into a single file. Another thing is to work with these Webpack one does not need Node web server. Simply easy right.

  1. No need to invest in other languages

One can execute React code in Node environment. This convenient coding leads that you do not need to invest in any different language.

  1. Serverside Rendering

Many companies are using React to for serverside rendering utilizing the combination of the Node.js to maintain a large scale application.

  1. Makes SEO Friendly Web-server

One you do serverside rendering using Node.js or other languages it will make your website SEO friendly. These are a favorable situation for both your website and the search engine can easily crawl your content.

  1. Fast execution of code

Node.js is light and efficient; that is why it is often used to make real-time applications. Also, Node.js is built on the Google chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine which allows fast execution of code.

  1. Virtual DOM

React is often used as V in MVC architecture because it uses JavaScript virtual DOM, which is faster compare to other DOMs.

  1. Less time consuming and reduces the developer’s effort

If you use Node.js as the back-end then for the entire project JavaScript becomes the primary language. Hence, the use of a single programming language removes the time-consuming task of code duplication between server and browser. These reduce the developer’s effort for coding.

  1. JavaScript is still dominating language

There are languages like Ruby, Python, Pearl already available in the market that is having potential as alternative as JavaScript. However, most of the developers are using JavaScript for their project because of the versatility of the language.

  1. Community Support

There are thousands of application available which are built with Node.js and React. They both are having strong community support, and active members are working for continuous improvement.

Final Wrap up:

React and Node both have different features and usage. But the blend of the Node.js and React.js makes magic for building fast running and smooth web applications. Being a topnotch React.js development company and leading Node.js development company most of them are already using react and Node for their applications.

In my opinion, you can definitely use React with Node.js back-end. Even companies who want to build fast and scalable applications they can opt combination of Node.js and React.js


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