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Online Classroom Market Is Booming Worldwide | Tech Divinity
Software development (K Praveen)

the online classroom is a major throwback worldwide after covid pandemic all colleges /schools and all training places are finding solutions for their working for their arrangement of lectures.due to these pandemics everyone has been affected by their lacking of availability of the system as they can afford easily.
At this time some of the giants also have been playing in this market like zoom and google meet as they are established companies so they do not bother about the limitation of doing work by using those systems.
but there are maybe some glitches like they limit the time limit you can not exceed lecture beyond 40 minutes. if you try to host two different lectures at the same time you need to purchase their plan. suppose you have school and you are the principal of that school.and you want to do 6 different subject lectures at the same time or a little bit time gap. then with a free plan, you can not achieve the same. you need to buy a plan of increase host as per your lecture you will take.
in google meet also have some user wise differential they say they do free but by November they are charge per user basis and space is also limited
in those all thinking one more player is running and executing their work very efficiently.and that is a big blue button .in worldwide many universities have been granted bigbluebutton function for online taking lectures .this system is completely open-source and can customize as much you want.
for setting this system up you need to set up a virtual operating system like Ubuntu or anything you want and as much the traffic of your classroom you need to think about CPU and ram .ram is for when you have more than 300 students the system will perform very smooth if your ram is not sufficient then it maybe you find some of the performance issues. but moreover, the system is very smooth and all your data is in your don have any time limits and user joining limit. take your lecture as much time you want and as much user you can join.
Tech Divinity can configure this system for your use at your traffic ratio and pay only for your user traffic and storage space.and take a lecture or meeting anywhere anytime

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